Mamadou’s Bread

Mamadou’s Makes Dough for Muraco!

MESPA is proud to bring back a favorite fundraiser in collaboration with Mamadou’s Bakery!

This fall, Mamadou’s authentic French baguettes will be available for a limited time after school at Muraco. That means one fewer errand to run in the afternoon!

Stay tuned for more information on this fall’s fundraiser!

A limited number of buy-on-the-fly baguettes will be available, but don’t count on these-if you know Mamadou’s, you know how fast these loaves will go.

 Baguettes are $4.00 per loaf. MESPA earns $1 per baguette!

 Online Order Form: CLICK HERE

Please email the new Mamadou’s Makes Dough for Muraco Coordinator, Deana Bonnett at if you’d like to help distribute baguettes, or if you have any questions.