Welcome to Muraco Elementary School Parents Association!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Parents at Muraco Elementary School have many opportunities to become involved with their children’s education and MESPA (Muraco Elementary School Parents Association) is the primary vehicle for parent participation. Every Muraco parent is automatically a member of MESPA.

While MESPA has many wonderful parent volunteers, we are always in need of more and we welcome everyone’s involvement. Currently there is need on the MESPA Board, and the following committees: Directory, Fall Festival, Multicultural Fair, Book Fair and Science Fair. Please let us know which opening best fits your talents or interest.

Stay connected! If you aren’t receiving MESPA emails, or if you’d like to volunteer your time this year for those positions that remain open, please email Sara Brown, at muracoschoolparents@gmail.com.

–MESPA Board