Muraco School Advisory Council

About the Muraco School Advisory Council The Educational Reform Bill signed into law in July 1993 requires that all schools create School Advisory Councils. The 2015-16 Muraco School Advisory Council consists of three parents, two teachers, Principal Laurie Kirby and a community member. Meetings will be held at Muraco (minimum of 6 meetings per school year) in the late afternoon, for approximately 1-1.5 hours. MESPA is required by law to oversee the election of the parent representatives to the council.  For an easy to follow summary of the School Council composition, responsibilities and oversight, CLICK HERE.  For more detail and to read the full text of the law, CLICK HERE.

The SAC is an exciting way to be involved in the Muraco community.  The SAC focuses on the educational needs and goals of the school, reviews the annual school building budget, and formulates a school improvement plan that includes, among others, the following elements: an assessment of the impact of class size and student/teacher ratios on student performance, professional development for the school’s staff, school safety and discipline, extra-curricular activities, and a means for meeting the diverse learning needs of as many children as possible, including children with special needs.

SAC parent members attend and participate in all SAC meetings as representative of the Muraco parent community. As such, they are responsible for keeping parents informed and soliciting their input in matters of the educational needs of the students.

Please consult the Muraco Calendar for future meeting dates and times.

SAC Membership

  • School Advisory Council Members 2015-16 
    NamePositionTerm Expiration
    Laurie KirbyPrincipalN/A
    Lori StalteriTeacher6/2016
    Melissa TestaTeacher6/2016
    Victoria KiaerParent (1 year term)6/2016
    Nian SunParent (1 year term)6/2016
    Manish BansalParent (1 year term)
    Caren ConnollyCommunity Member6/2016
    Please see the Muraco directory for contact information.