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MESPA contact information:

  • 2020 Chair: Suzanne Trumbower–
  • Co-Vice Chairs: 
  • Treasurer:
  • Assistant Treasurer: 
  • Secretary:

Please refer to the online Muraco Directory for complete MESPA Board and Committee Member contact details.

Constant Contact/Muraco Matters Newsletter

MESPA maintains a database in Constant Contact of email addresses for each Muraco family and uses Constant Contact to send out Muraco Matters, our weekly newsletter, as well as important information regarding school and town events and activities. Each family may designate the email addresses to which it would like to receive information and this information can be changed easily throughout the year.  To have your email address changed, please contact Muraco Newsletter Committee at


Muraco School Directory

The Muraco School Directory is online, via

To find out more, contact our directory team at